Monday, 6 August 2012

Being Human

So, over the weekend I managed to bash the fender and wing mirror of our car on a pillar, while reversing out of a parking bay - and my very first thought was 'Ohhhh, the Rooster is going to be SOOO angry with me'.

Coward that I am, I Whatsapp'ed him the bad news before actually arriving home, and his response was pretty much 'As long as you and Chicken little are fine, then that's all that matters and we deal with the rest later'. Needless to say, this was not the response I was expecting. When I got home he didn't even have a look at the car. I spent all evening in a state of nervous anticipation, waiting for the other shoe to drop...and it just didn't. Granted, when he did finally look at the car the next day he wasn't thrilled, but still not to the extent I was expecting. 

This got me thinking....was my fear all in my head? completely unfounded in reality? I felt like this was the fact I had to accept, that somehow I had turned my fairly mild-mannered man into some sort of monster in my head. Until this afternoon....

The Rooster and I had a very interesting conversation, in which he shared something he had been keeping from me - and why was he keeping things from me, you might ask? Because he was afraid I would be angry!  In fact, he told me the only reason he felt he could share was because I was kinda in the dog box over the car and in no position to get to upset about any misdemeanours on his part. 

Ridiculous! Here we both are, thinking that the other one expects some sort of other-worldly perfection from us, when really it's our own expectations of ourselves that has backed us into these corners. Sometimes it's good to be reminded that we are human, that we make mistakes, both intentional and accidental, and that's ok. Even if that reminder costs a few grand!

Today I am glad to be loved by, and be in love with, a human.

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